This is the weird little extraterrestrial canid creature I draw to represent me. He exists as both a sona and a doll (of sorts) for me to put in situations; a sort of dog-alien flesh mirror reflecting my essence. He's an eldritch chaos harbinger confined to the physical body of a pathetic sweaty teen who spends all his time dinking around on the World Wide Web, and now he's taken residence on your computer screen! If you're not careful, he might even materialize inside your walls. Say, ya hear that scratching?

All the lovely art shown here links directly to the artist's page. If it doesn't link to anything, I drew it. If you drew something here, and you'd like it to be removed, contact me and I'll remove it!

Does he have a name?

His name is whatever I feel like calling him in the moment, but "Bloke who does fuck all", "Xx_Nightmarebloodwolf9000__xX", "stupid fucking cunt" and "Geoffrey" are the big ones. Just call him my sona, though, if you're feeling technical.

What's his lore?

He was once a normal dog. Then he got blasted with two billion giga-mogules of nuclear radiation, and now he can change colors and shapeshift and all that really awesome stuff. Or maybe he's an alien from outer space? Or a deranged mad scientist with a thirst for blood and colorful lab chemicals? Or perhaps just a normal teenage boy-girl-dog-thing?! Listen, it's not really anything singular -- just whatever I think is cool in the moment. His entire nature of existence changes almost as much as he changes colors. Just think of him like a fuzzy, teenage Barbie.

Why is his design so inconsistent?

Jeez, what are you, a cop?!
Just kidding, don't look so scared. I'd neeeever tell! The lore reason is because he's a shapeshifting, color-changing alien. The practical reason is because I'm actually a drooling 10-year old iPad baby with an attention span of 2 seconds who requires constant mental stimulation, and can only watch Subway Surfers Family Guy videos, lest I dry up into a miserable dehydrated ball and die. My brain is inconsistent mush, and so is his design -- you can't go off-model if there IS no model to go off of, after all. Hope this helps.

What does he like?

Since he's... well, me, he likes everything that I do. This includes, but is not limited to: geek rock music, spaceships, cartoons, science, cartoons about science, cartoons about spaceships, geek rock music about science and spaceships, cartoons about geek rock music about science and spaceships, and apple slices.

I hate him. I hate him so much.