The many thingamajigs and wibblydoos of sir specter the third

here is a collection of stuff i've worked on! most of these are like.....EXTREMELY unfinished, so tread with caution (Or just check back later when they're actually finished)

the website of the oc universe i'm currently working on, Dial-Up. It's loosely based off of Lemon Demon's 2016 album Spirit Phone (which you can listen to here) and i plan on turning it into a webcomic one day! it's nowhere near finished yet, but when i DO have a grip on what i want to do with it, everything will be uploaded onto this website. if you'd like to know more about this project, visit the FAQ page or its toyhouse profile.

a web archive for everything related to Neil cicierega and his projects/music. Currently not in active development. I'll get to it one day though.

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