personal links

- Instagram - Where I post the majority of my art.

- Twitter - Less active, but I post art here as well.

- Toyhouse - You can read all about the little guys who live in my head here!

- Dial-Up - The official site for my webcomic, DIAL-UP! It's empty right now, but eventually it'll have all the pages there and stuff.

other links

Website building resources


- W3schools - One of, if not the most useful resource for learning to code out there. Almost everything I know about HTML came from here! If you're looking to build a site, I'd start out with the basic HTML course, but it has a class for pretty much every coding language you can think of.
- Codepen - A handy live code editor that shows you changes in real-time. Useful for testing smaller code snippets. It supports JavaScript, too!
- A Field Guide to Web Accessibility - In an age where the Internet is available to more people than ever, making your site accessible is crucial. If you're not sure where to start, I highly recommend giving this guide a read!
- HTML Cheatsheet - An EXTREMELY useful resource that compiles HTML/CSS assets, generates layouts, codes and more. Everything is laid out in a very easy-to-understand way.

Fun stuff

- Blogswitch - Cute effects to add to your site. All the text is in Japanese, so if that's not a language you speak, it may be a tad difficult to navigate.
- MF2FM - More cool effects! Lots of options for text customization.
- Webneko - Who DOESN'T want a little pixel kitty to follow their mouse around? This site lets you do just that.
- Gifypet - Adds a little interactive pet to your site. You can even customize it with your own art. How cool!
- Gifcities - A massive collection of gifs archived from the now-defunct Geocities. You can search by keywords, which is pretty useful.
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- SCM player - A neat music player plugin you can add to your site.
- Buttonwall - A collection of over 4,000 buttons.
- Free blinkies- A collection of 150x30 blinkies.
- Scripted - Full of neat HTML/CSS snippets to add to your site.
- Winamp Skins Museum - A bunch of winamp skins.
- Tiledbgs - A collection of tiled backgrounds by Actually, check out their whole site while you're at it -- it rocks!
- Scripted - A Neocities site compiling all sorts of different code snippets.
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Other sites I love

Neofriends and more!

- The Wayback Machine - A massive database archiving over 880 BILLION webpages. It doesn't matter if the site is defunct -- if it's archived here, you can look at it and interact with it. You can even view older versions of websites, and submit your own webpages to be archived!
- Archiverse - Remember Miiverse? Maybe you don't if you weren't a kid who loved to waste their time goofing off online like I was. Regardless, Archiverse is a database archiving over 539 million posts, replies, profiles, avatars, communities and more from the now-defunct social media service. That's 17 terabytes of data! It honestly blows my mind how much they managed to catalogue. If you're someone who has a lot of nostalgia for the Wii-U days, I'd definitely recommend giving this site a look sometime.
- Logan Whitehurst's Official Website of Luv and Stuff - Logan Whitehurst is a favorite musician of mine, who sadly passed away in 2006. You can look at his -- and his plastic snowman sidekick, Vanilla's -- website here, just as he left it 17 years ago.
- Toyhouse - A site designed for storing original characters and their info, complete with a forum and allowance for roleplaying, worldbuilding and trading. You need an invite code to join, but those are pretty easy to find.
- - A more user-friendly, 'professional'-looking alternative to Toyhouse that doesn't require an invite code to join. It's far less in-depth than Toyhouse in terms of organization/worldbuilding, but you might prefer it if you don't want to go looking for an invite code.
- Artfight - An annual art-trading game taking place every July. There are two teams, and they 'attack' each other by drawing an opposing team member's OCs. Every attack is worth a certain amount of points. At the end, the team with more points wins! It's really fun, so if you're an artist with nothing to do in July, it might be a neat thing to participate in.
- The Lemonade Stand - A neat archive of Lemon Demon/Neil Cicierega related stuff.
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